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          The Trust's Mission

          To improve the life chances of our pupils so they become true citizens of the world.

          The Trust's Motto

          sic itur ad astra

          ‘by the good deeds you do, you will be remembered in the stars for eternity’
          Aeneid, Virgil

          The Trust's Values

          Achieving excellence through:
          Nurturing deeply cultured, reflective and philosophical thinkers of the future.
          Empowering intellectual curiosity, active learning and inquisitiveness.
          Fostering empathy, mutual respect and courtesy in a global community.
          Championing integrity, resilience and the value of personal endeavour.
          Igniting a sense of awe and wonder, moral conviction and ambition.

          The values are underpinned by the guiding principles of the Priory Baccalaureate which promotes Academic Achievement and Progress; Learning; Community; Health; and Creativity.

          The Trust's Contract

          In establishing the fact that we are part of a Trust and that we have something unique to offer our students, we go on to establish the nature of our relationship. We do this through The Priory Contract. This contract identifies how we work together as staff, parents, carers, students and governors.

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